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  • $60.00

    The Pave Stone Trio earring set provides an easy way to dress up any outfit and for every occasion. These three distinct earring designs provide beautiful takes on the pave construction.

    • Three distinct earring designs
    • Pave stone construction variations
  • $90.00

    The Pendant Star Earring is a gorgeous piece from our star collection that is bold and classic. This earring can be worn for any occasion that requires added flare.

    • Pendant structure
    • Crystal mosaic construction
  • $90.00

    The Primm Vintage Ring is a vintage-inspired cocktail ring. The pave crystal bed provides a modern flair to elevate the look.

    • Metal and enamel body
    • Pave crystal accent
  • $110.00

    The Rosa Drop necklace is a piece that catches the eye with its multi-bead construction and drop-tassel accent. This necklace is a great layer over any outfit.

    • Multi-bead construction
    • Onyx tassel accent
  • $70.00

    The Rumor Fan Earring is a piece in the metal collection that provides a retro style for the modern-day. This earring is brilliant and frames the face with a bold design.

    • Metal fan construction
    • Half-circle design
  • $80.00

    The Sea Star Earring is a fan favorite earring that catches the eye with its coral beading. The crystal cluster accent placed in the center of each star provides to pop of flair that makes this piece next level.

    • Coral star beading
    • Crystal cluster accent
  • $40.00

    The Sierra Stone ring is a gorgeous ring that is a perfect casual outfit accent. This ring comes in two colors that will provide a pop of personality.

    • Natural Stone Shape
    • Size: 6
  • $120.00

    The Sophia Pearl Rope is one of our most versatile wear necklaces that can be draped beautifully around the neck. There is no wrong way to wear this delicate piece.

    • Long pearl rope construction
    • Clear bead accent at rope ends
  • $80.00

    The Stella Pearl Hoop is a classic spin on the regular-way hoop earring. This earring can be worn to scale up a casual daytime look or complement the right evening attire.

    • Pearl Pave Construction
    • Gold Metal Base
    • Creamy Caviar Sized Pearls
  • $140.00

    The Sunrise Fringe Necklace is a very special piece from our metal collection that elevates any outfit. The two-tone construction makes this a versatile piece for any outfit throughout the day.

    • Two-tone metal construction
    • Gold pendant with Onyx fringe
  • $90.00

    The Suri Empire Ring has a beautiful pave construction that crowns the finger. This cocktail ring is a go-to favorite in the collection.

    • Crystal pave construction
    • Empire design
    • One size fits all
  • $280.00

    The Tabitha Rope Necklace is a stunning piece from our handmade collection. The aqua and tangerine beading is one-of-a-kind and only available in limited release.

    • Handmade construction
    • Aqua and tangerine beading
  • $60.00

    The Tessa Chainlink Earring is a throwback style that stands the test of time. The chain construction provides a complexity that pleases the eye.

    • Chainlink wrap-around structure
    • Dome construction
  • $90.00

    The Toro Bar Ring is a fan-favorite cocktail ring that is a statement. The pave crystal construction ensures that this ring will catch the light from any angle.

    • Pave crystal construction
    • Elevated metal bar accent
  • $40.00

    The Turq Crystal Ring is a fun inverted ring that will be a conversation starter. The turquoise band is unexpected but just right.

    • Turquoise Band Construction
    • Cloud Crystal
    • Gold Stone Trimming
  • $65.00

    The Victoria Teardrop Earring conveys a level of sophistication and grace that is a great go-to for any jewelry box. This earring is a contemporary play on a vintage Victorian style.

    • Creamy Caviar Sized Pearl Formation
    • Aqua Blue Flowerets
    • Mini Red Jewels