• $110.00

    The Bennett Cocktail Ring is a celestial piece that excites. This is definitely an eye-catching, conversational jewelry item that does not disappoint.

    • Multi-faceted Round Strong Pave Construction
    • Silver Metal Ring Base
  • $50.00

    The Donna Pearl Ring is a cocktail ring that is beautifully provocative. This is an eye-popping piece with complexity.

    • Multi-colored Cavier Pearl Construction
    • Easy-Adjust Ring
  • $110.00

    The Ebony Cocktail Ring is a stunning piece that is a favorite of the collection. This ring is a special piece that is a timeless trinket.

    • Gold and Stone Pave Construction
    • Silver Metal Ring Structure
  • $90.00

    The Leo Cocktail Ring is a beautiful silver pave ring is an effortlessly beautiful cocktail ring. The ring is a moment with its dazzling style.

    • Double-ringed look design
    • Crystal pave construction
  • $60.00

    The Lydia Oval Cocktail Ring is a vintage-inspired ring that brings an air of sophistication to any outfit. This can be worn for any occasion.

    • Silver Metal
    • Clear Stone Oval Formation
    • Silver and Stone Branch Detail
  • $90.00

    The Primm Vintage Ring is a vintage-inspired cocktail ring. The pave crystal bed provides a modern flair to elevate the look.

    • Metal and enamel body
    • Pave crystal accent
  • $40.00

    The Sierra Stone ring is a gorgeous ring that is a perfect casual outfit accent. This ring comes in two colors that will provide a pop of personality.

    • Natural Stone Shape
    • Size: 6
  • $90.00

    The Suri Empire Ring has a beautiful pave construction that crowns the finger. This cocktail ring is a go-to favorite in the collection.

    • Crystal pave construction
    • Empire design
    • One size fits all
  • $90.00

    The Toro Bar Ring is a fan-favorite cocktail ring that is a statement. The pave crystal construction ensures that this ring will catch the light from any angle.

    • Pave crystal construction
    • Elevated metal bar accent
  • $40.00

    The Turq Crystal Ring is a fun inverted ring that will be a conversation starter. The turquoise band is unexpected but just right.

    • Turquoise Band Construction
    • Cloud Crystal
    • Gold Stone Trimming