• $85.00

    The Brenda Discus Earring is a piece that has a vibrant, retro air. These earrings are incredibly versatile and can go from day to night so easily.

    • Heavy Pave Beading
    • Large Double Discus Structure
  • $50.00

    The Caroline Square Earring is a fresh and bright earring that will add much-wanted color to any outfit. Pair these earrings with any outfit that could use a complementary color pop.

    • Multi-faceted Canary-colored Beading
    • Disc and Square Drop Construction
  • $80.00

    The Citron Slice Earring is a fun and vibrant set that is perfect for catching the eye. This piece dazzles from a distance.

    • Alternating canary-colored beads and crystals
    • Drop earring construction”
  • $110.00

    The Constellation Earring is a gorgeous drop earring set from our star collection that beautifully frames the face. This earring looks like it is floating on the earring.

    • Three-star structure
    • Crystal mosaic construction
  • $70.00

    The Dana Teardrop Earring is an elegant piece that combines a bold crystal and gorgeous pearl. This earring is classic and sophisticated and a perfect pairing for any evening ensemble.

    • Large crystal base
    • Pearl drop
  • $100.00

    The Daphne Square Crystal Earring is drenched with beautiful crystals that come together in a stunning mosaic.

    • Crystal Pave Construction
    • Gold Metal Base
    • Large, Square Crystal Fixtures
  • $80.00

    The Delia Beaded Earring is a charming set that will beautifully adorn any outfit, most especially for an evening occasion.

    • Full beaded construction
    • Dome with dropped teardrop shape
  • $48.00

    The Elaine Pearl Bib Set is an elegant statement piece that will step up any outfit. This bib is outfitted with a gorgeous set of creamy pearl earrings which brings the set together.

    • Large Statement Pearl Construction
    • Gold Back Structure
    • Creamy Pearls Earrings

  • $110.00

    The Estrella Earring is a piece from our crystal star collection that shines from a distance. The drop star construction makes this set look like it is hanging in mid-air.

    • Crystal mosaic construction
    • Drop earring structure
  • $30.00

    The Eva Leopard Earring is a piece that you cannot miss. There are no questions about the sass you will bring to your outfit. They are bold and bright and will catch any eye.

    • Hot Pink Beading
    • Beaded Leopard Confirguration

  • $90.00

    The Eve Sequin Earring is a gorgeous, sophisticated earring that will shimmer with any evening look. The high density of the sequin placement makes it a unique piece that is one-of-a-kind.

    • Silver Pave Sequin Construction
    • Metallic-like Sheen
  • $42.00

    The Evelyn Drop Hoop Earring is a sultry metallic gold earring that is an absolute show-stopper. There is nothing quite like this unforgettable piece.

    • Pave Sequin Construction
    • Dome and Hoop Configuration