Our History

Setting a New Standard

It has always been my goal to create a crisp look no matter the occasion. I believe that a woman who looks her absolute best, feels her best and conquers whatever event she attends. Fashion is power and I deliver that to the women I dress and aim to share exotic fashion with the masses.


Years of designing for every occasion

Est. 1986

Where it Started

The Maison Georgette brand was born of the vision that Cee Asiegbu had for fashion. Growing up in her home country, Nigeria, Cee noticed that the fashion in the marketplace that her peers wore did not suit her. Instead, she opted for finding fabric to design her own clothes and piecing together accessories in an abstract way. That pursuit of custom style only intensified when she moved to the US in 1986 and saw fashion from all over the world in one place. She chose to design her outfits which were sewn for her. She even went to the same lengths to have her own wedding gown custom-made to her style! And so began Cee’s journey to design and production.

Over the years, Cee’s design appeal grew and gained momentum with every outfit she created. Each design project gave her the opportunity to share her style with others, and every piece she sold fulfilled her mission to beautify and empower others with her sense of style. Today, Maison Georgette embodies Cee’s desire to set the trend instead of following one. Maison Georgette is a movement to bring forth that style with heart, which will pique the interest of women who take pride in a sharp sense of fashion.

Words of the Founder

“I started designing because no one style fit my taste. I decided to create a style that was uniquely classic that would appeal to everyone”

Founding Designer

Cee Asiegbu

The Maison Georgette collection is crafted with elegance from each jewelry setting to each stitch of gown. There is no other design configuration like it.

Style your heart out!