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  • $60.00

    The Abigail Chain Lock Necklace is a fun, classic piece that looks great with any look. The stones on the padlock really add some shine.

    • Gold Chain Link
    • Gold Padlock with Clear Stones
  • $210.00

    The Cee Woven Chain Bib is a unique take on the bib from our metal collection that aims to excite the senses. The metal links going in opposite directions, accented with a line of crystals, create a moment for any special occasion.

    • Interlocking metal links
    • Single string crystal construction
  • $110.00

    The Charlie Gold Chain Necklace is a bold piece from our metal collection that creates a gorgeous statement. The interlocking construction is ornate and beautifully done.

    • Interlocking gold links
    • Lobster claw clasp
  • $110.00

    The Daisy Bib Necklace is a multi-colored explosion providing pops of color for every occasion. This necklace is hard to miss with its elegant structure.

    • Multi-colored beaded structure
    • Lobster claw clasp
  • $105.00

    The Devon Layered Chain is a trendsetting piece that pairs with any casual to dressy casual look. This piece easily transitions from day tonight. This is a crowd favorite that that is perfect for the times

    • Multi-layered, multi-colored Bearding
    • Large Discus Structure
  • $48.00

    The Elaine Pearl Bib Set is an elegant statement piece that will step up any outfit. This bib is outfitted with a gorgeous set of creamy pearl earrings which brings the set together.

    • Large Statement Pearl Construction
    • Gold Back Structure
    • Creamy Pearls Earrings

  • $40.00

    The Gabby Leopard Choker is a fun and funky piece that is a great outfit match for a daring statement.

    • Leopard Styling
    • Gold Base
  • $90.00

    The Gina Woven Necklace is a unique piece that provides an exotic style. This necklace can pair with any outfit to add a little something different.

    • Multi-colored woven structure
    • Magnetic closure with safety clasp
  • $30.00

    The Luna Tassel Necklace differentiated piece is trendy yet elegant. The gold band choker is accented with a large pearl from which gold chain tassels pour down from.

    • Gold band Choker
    • Gold Chain Tassels
    • Large Pearl Accent
  • $110.00

    The Rosa Drop necklace is a piece that catches the eye with its multi-bead construction and drop-tassel accent. This necklace is a great layer over any outfit.

    • Multi-bead construction
    • Onyx tassel accent
  • $120.00

    The Sophia Pearl Rope is one of our most versatile wear necklaces that can be draped beautifully around the neck. There is no wrong way to wear this delicate piece.

    • Long pearl rope construction
    • Clear bead accent at rope ends
  • $140.00

    The Sunrise Fringe Necklace is a very special piece from our metal collection that elevates any outfit. The two-tone construction makes this a versatile piece for any outfit throughout the day.

    • Two-tone metal construction
    • Gold pendant with Onyx fringe
  • $280.00

    The Tabitha Rope Necklace is a stunning piece from our handmade collection. The aqua and tangerine beading is one-of-a-kind and only available in limited release.

    • Handmade construction
    • Aqua and tangerine beading