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  • $90.00

    “The Jasmine Mod Hoop Earring is a modified take on the hoop earring. The alternating gold and crystal construction on the inside face of the earring will brighten any ensemble.

    • Alternating gold and crystal construction
    • Single-side accented design on the inside face

  • $85.00

    The Jenny Tassel Earring is a stunning and dramatic earring that will be a fierce addition to any evening ensemble. The stone tassels bring a flirtiness to this vibrant piece.

    • Stone Construction
    • Diamond-Shaped Base with Stoned Tassels
  • $80.00

    “The Jerri Beaded Hoop Earring is a deep and dramatic earring that has a rich coloring. This earring shines with gold accents making it an understated go-to.

    • Burgundy Bead Construction
    • Gold Bead Accents”
  • $60.00

    The Jessica Earring Set will bring three simple and elegant looks to your jewelry selection seamlessly.

    • Love Knot Earring
    • Pave Crystal Dome Earring
    • Stud Earring
  • $90.00

    The Ken Metal Link Earring is a gorgeous piece from our metal collection, which adds gorgeous flair to any look–day or night.

    • Interlocking metal loops
    • Solid metal construction
  • $80.00

    The Lori Teardrop Earring is an elegant piece that dazzles. The vibrant, plum-colored stones create a dramatic effect for any evening ensemble.

    • Plum-colored stones
    • Teardrop construction
  • $85.00

    The Lydia Beaded Disc Earring is an earring that has a complex, multi-layered style. The stacked beading really catches the eye and can add some attention to a casual or evening outfit.

    • Multi-layered, multi-colored Bearding
    • Large Discus Structure
  • $60.00

    The Pave Stone Trio earring set provides an easy way to dress up any outfit and for every occasion. These three distinct earring designs provide beautiful takes on the pave construction.

    • Three distinct earring designs
    • Pave stone construction variations
  • $90.00

    The Pendant Star Earring is a gorgeous piece from our star collection that is bold and classic. This earring can be worn for any occasion that requires added flare.

    • Pendant structure
    • Crystal mosaic construction
  • $70.00

    The Rumor Fan Earring is a piece in the metal collection that provides a retro style for the modern-day. This earring is brilliant and frames the face with a bold design.

    • Metal fan construction
    • Half-circle design
  • $80.00

    The Sea Star Earring is a fan favorite earring that catches the eye with its coral beading. The crystal cluster accent placed in the center of each star provides to pop of flair that makes this piece next level.

    • Coral star beading
    • Crystal cluster accent
  • $80.00

    The Stella Pearl Hoop is a classic spin on the regular-way hoop earring. This earring can be worn to scale up a casual daytime look or complement the right evening attire.

    • Pearl Pave Construction
    • Gold Metal Base
    • Creamy Caviar Sized Pearls
  • $60.00

    The Tessa Chainlink Earring is a throwback style that stands the test of time. The chain construction provides a complexity that pleases the eye.

    • Chainlink wrap-around structure
    • Dome construction
  • $65.00

    The Victoria Teardrop Earring conveys a level of sophistication and grace that is a great go-to for any jewelry box. This earring is a contemporary play on a vintage Victorian style.

    • Creamy Caviar Sized Pearl Formation
    • Aqua Blue Flowerets
    • Mini Red Jewels